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BARBES RECORDS. Home of classic Chicha, Las Rubias del Norte, Slavic Soul Party, One Ring Zero, Chicha Libre, and Hazmat Modine, the label is distributed nationwide as well as in Japan, Australia and the UK.


IBEAM Music Studio.
A new music studio on 8th st and 3rd ave in Brooklyn which offers teaching, performance and rehearsal space for professional musicians and students.
Equipment includes a magnificent 7 foot grand piano.

MICHAEL ATTIAS is a composer, arranger and alto and baritone sax player. he curates the Night of the Ravished Limbs which has seen weekly performances by such luminaries as Ray Anderson, Anthony Coleman, Mark Dresser, Tony Malaby, Herb Robertson and many many more. Among many projects, he leads the trio RENKU.

LAS RUBIAS DEL NORTE. (The Blondes of the North) play boleros, cha cha cha, cumbias, huaynos, lieder, and cowboy songs. Fronted by classically trained singers Allyssa Lamb and Emily Hurst, the band mixes musicians from the US, France and Colombia who all look back to the latin motherland most of them never had. Their first release, Rumba Internationale (Barbes records), features songs written by Margarita Lecuona (of Tabu and Babalu fame), W.A. Mozart and The Sons of the Pioneers. Their new release, Panamericana, also on Barbès records, is now availalbe from their website. Street date: Feb 2006.
Don't miss the cd release party at Joe's pub. Sunday Dec 18. Tix on sale now.

BEBE EIFFEL. Another house band of sorts, featuring Barbes' Olivier Conan and Vincent Douglas. Their first cd is available through Fang records. The next one is in the works -
CHICHA LIBRE! .. Psychedelic Surf Cumbia from the Amazon!
Chicha is the name of a corn-based liquor favored by the Incas in pre-colombian days. Chicha is also the name of a South American music craze which started out in the late 70's in the Peruvian Amazon. Cumbias amazonicas, as they were first called, were loosely inspired by Colombian accordion-driven cumbias but soon incorporated the distinctive sounds of andean melodies, some Cuban son, and the psychedelic sounds of surf guitars, farfisa organs and moog synthesizers. The group, which has been also known to performed under the name "Cumbia my Lord" draws its personnel from house bands Bebe Eiffel and Las Rubias del norte.
With Greg Burrows - percussion; Joshua Camp - Hohner Electravox; Olivier Conan - Cuatro & Vocals - Nicholas Cudahy - bass; Vincent Douglas - Guitar - Timothy Quigley - percussion.
ONE RING ZERO's upcoming cd, As smart as they Are ( Soft Skull Press) which features lyrics by authors such as Paul Auster, Margaret Atwood, Dave Eggers, Rick Moody and more, should be available sometimes next May. In the meantime, you can come and stare longingly at their banner which is hung in our backroom.
WFMU'S JEFFREY COBB also happens to bartend at Barbes. Listen to his show and then come taste his creation - our eponymous cocktail the barbes

TONY MALABY is a sax god - His playing is thick and powerful, nimble and lyrical. Whether composed or improvised, his music is so carefully crafted it always feels written. What he delivers in the end is old-fashioned beautiful music with unbelievable emotional power.
The Malaby/Sanchez/Rainey Trio first release Alive in Brooklyn (with Angelica Sanchez on keyboard and Tom Rainey on drums) was recorded live at Barbes - and nothing could please us more.

JENNY SCHEINMAN is at Barbes once a week. She's a wonderful violinist and composer. Her new Cd was just released on Tzadik. It's called Shalagaster.
RACHELLE GARNIEZ. writes songs, plays accordion and sings. All of it amazingly. Somewhow, every single one of her performances is different.
MATT MUNISTERI. The Brock Mumford guitarist is as versatile as they come. He sings, he writes, he plays in many styles. I guess we've never seem him tap dance. He ususally plays the 3rd thursday of every month.
BEN MONDER is an amazing guitarist whose playing surpasses even his reputation. Monder also measns "to skin a tomato" in French. He plays every 2d friday of the month. Or the first.
RARE BIRD RUMBA RANCH. The best Avant-Quirkerengue band in Brooklyn is led by Greg Stare who happens to also play with Bebe Eiffel, Las Rubias and One Ring Zero. The four bands have actually worked on a live illustration of ensemble theories calle Las Super Estrellas de Barbes.
STEPHANE WREMBEL. The French guitarist has spent years channeling Django Rheinhardt and seems to have succeeded. Come see for yoursef, he does it live, every Sunday at 9:00pm
CRISAFI DESIGN. Rita designed our website - and Las Rubias'. Give her some business.
JAZZ PASSENGERS. Roy Nathanson is another Barbes regular. He mixes quirky musical influences, eccentric narratives and pathos like no one else.
MC SWEENEY'S. Our good neighbors put out a very nice magazine. They regularly host readings at Barbes.
ASMAHAN. By now, her face should look familiar. The great lebanese-born Singer was once a rival to Um Kulthum.
MICHAEL ATTIAS Apparently, there is another Michael Attias.

PARIS 18è arr. The Barbes Neighborhood in Paris is situated in the 18th arrondissement. As they say in the old country: Clique la dessus et tu verras Barbes.


TATI One of many reasons to go to the orignal Barbes. Hurry before the bankrupcy goes through


Venezuelan Folklore Learn to dance the Joropo. Or not. See if we care.


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