CLICJK B A R B È S -- c a l e n d a r f


At the HILTON. Regent Parlor. 2d floor.
Saturday 01/09. 4pm to 6pm. 15 minutes set


LAS RUBIAS DEL NORTE. New Album Ziguala out March 9th. Latin Classical Harmonies
CHICHA LIBRE. Psychedlic Surf Cumbia
ONE RING ZERO. Circus Klezmer Lit. Rock
BAD REPUTATION: Pierre de Gaillande Sings Brassens. CD out 06/08. Re-interpreted French Chanson



Barbès Records & Trouble Worldwide Present
Friday 01/08. 8:00pm to 12:30pm. 30 min sets

200 Hudson Street @ Canal St.

BAD REPUTATION: Pierre de Gaillande Sings Brassens. CD out 06/08. Re-interpreted French Chanson
CHICHA LIBRE. Psychedlic Surf Cumbia
SLAVIC SOUL PARTY. Balkan Funk Brass
Also Featuring Rana Santacruz: 8:45, Pistolera: 9:30 & The Cuban Cowboys: 11:00pm

Barbès Takes Manhattan!
Monday 01/11. 7:30 to 11pm. 40 min sets
217 E. Houston St. @ Ave A


LAS RUBIAS DEL NORTE. New Album Ziguala out March 9th. Latin Classical Harmonies
ONE RING ZERO. Circus Klezmer Lit. Rock
HAZMAT MODINE. Global Blues & Roots Music





431 W 16th St bet. 9th and 10th Ave

CHICHA LIBRE. Psychedlic Surf Cumbia





LAS RUBIAS DEL NORTE. New Album Ziguala out March 9th. Latin Classical Harmonies
Las Rubias del Norte was started seven years ago, when Allyssa Lamb and Emily Hurst decided to quit their classical choir and start a group of their own. The group’s sound quickly veered off its classical course, incorporating Boleros, Peruvian waltzes and Cuban Guajiras in addition to pieces by Mozart, Bizet, and the Sons of the Pioneers. Their new album, Ziguala covers a wide range of material including an intimate Neapolitan ballad, a Bollywood number, a Kurt Weill song in French and a classic Cumbia. While the dynamic range and the geographic scope are wider than ever, Las Rubias keep the Pan-Latin spirit alive by treating it all like it was recorded in Veracruz in 1961. Las Rubias have been featured on NPR's Weekend Edition and Studio 360 and their harmonies have been described as "pure as the Andean air" by the LA Times. They have performed at clubs, museums, concert halls and festivals in North America and will embark on their first European tour in the summer of 2010.




CHICHA LIBRE. Psychedlic Surf Cumbia
The Brooklyn band has been at the forefront of a global movement to revive Chicha, psychedelic cumbias from Peru. They have been hailed in Peru and Argentina, they have played major festivals in the UK, France and Portugal, have toured the US with Dengue Fever and have had their music featured on various TV shows including Weeds. Their next CD will be out next fall on Barbès in the US and Crammed Disc in the rest of the world.


BAD REPUTATION: Pierre de Gaillande Sings Brassens. CD out 06/08. From the 50’s through the late 70’s, George Brassens redefined French Chanson. He was an anarchist bard whose songs were sometimes raunchy, sometimes polemic, often poignant, and always steeped in classic French poetry. His songs, unlike those of his friend Jacque Brel, never became known outside of France, mostly because of the language barrier.
Franco-American singer and composer Pierre de Gaillande has taken on the impossible task of translating Brassens' songbook, to astonishing results. He has stuck to the rhyming scheme and verse length of the original songs, thus matching the melodies perfectly. He has re-arranged the music with a cinematic sensibility, using a combination of guitars, clarinets, lapsteel and Charango. Best way to describe the record would be to compare it to a perfect movie adaptation of a book classic. Think Stanley Kubrick or Raoul Ruiz.


SLAVIC SOUL PARTY. In its 10 year history, SSP has manged to invent a new American Brass tradition. Brooklyn's legendary brass band has been praised by Sufjan Stevens and Boban Markovic. They have just released their fourth album, Taketron which has been called a "masterpiece" by Popmatters. The album is the culmination of a ten year journey which has taken these pioneers of Balkan and Gypsy music from the backroom of Barbès to Turkey, Serbia, and Carnegie Hall. Taketron is a perfect balance of their mix of New York, New Orleans and Macedonian funk.


HAZMAT MODINE. Hazmat Modine plays the kind of Blues one might have found in a whorehouse in New Orleans had the city been built on the Black Sea. The band is driven by a pair of dueling harmonicas, backed by tuba, drums, guitars, and a horn section. Occasional guests play such exotic instruments as the Chinese mouth-organ, the bass sax and the normaphone. Frontman Wade Schuman, has the appropriately throaty voice of someone who has both hopped freight trains and collaborated with the Throat Singers of Tuva. For the past two years, the band has been touring extensively throughout Europe where they have proved immensely popular. They are currently working on their long-awaited follow-up to Bahamut (out next summer on Barbès) which will include surprising new collaborations.

ONE RING ZERO. “Gypsy-klezmer circus-flea-cartoon-music you mainly hear in your dreams.” -The Forward
Featuring Michael Hearst (claviola, theremin, guitar), Joshua Camp (accordion, piano), Ben Holmes (trumpet), Ian Riggs (bass), and Timothy Quigley (drums), One Ring Zero has released seven albums, including As Smart As We Are, a book-cum-CD, featuring songs with lyrics contributed by such authors as Jonathan Lethem, Margaret Atwood, Paul Auster, Dave Eggers, A.M. Homes, and Neil Gaiman. One Ring Zero has performed at music venues and cultural institutions across the globe, and is the subject of the multi-award winning documentary As Smart As They Are. The group's music has been featured in dance concerts, films, television, animations, and NPR programming including This American Life, Fresh Air, and Morning Edition.

Don’t call Los Angeles’s seminal vallenato a World Music band. Their sound may be rootsy Colombian vallenato with accordion, bass and percussion, but the music is raw and groove-oriented. They write most of their own material and their attitude owes more to punk than anything else. The result is trance-like, hypnotic cumbias from a place no one seems to have ever gone to. Escape Room has the possessed energy of their live performances, the raw lyricism of  a 1950s Colombian record and a charisma reminiscent of  the early Pogues.

The much lauded Polish band’s fourth cd is deeply rooted in Polish village music but mixes traditional tunes with fresh, cutting edge compositions.The band manages to incorporate influences as varied as traditional village music, Swedish Polska, African polyrhythm, and Jewish music without ever losing their authenticity. After a sucessful tour this fall, they will be back in the US in 2011/ Infinity was voted best World Music album of 2009 by Popmatters.





More APAP showcases at barbès
Son De Madera, Miramar, Forro for All, Jose Conde, Lucia Pulido, Ibrahim Maalouf, De Temps Antan,

376 9th St. (corner of 6th Ave.) Park Slope, Brooklyn

Dear all,

Las Rubias will be playing this coming Monday. January 11th, at 8:30pm the Mercury Lounge as part of the Barbès Takes Manhattan showcase.
We'll be sharing the bill with our friends One Ring Zero, Hazmat Modine, and the Wingdale Community Singers.
It will be just like barbès, except that it won't be at barbès. It'd be great to see all of you there. All of you.

Should you have time on your hands, you could also sample tracks from our new album, Ziguala, which will be in stores (if they are any left by then) on March 9th.

And, Las Rubias will also be playing at barbès tomorrow night, thursday, at 8:00pm.

Many thanks -





This week, three chances to see Chicha Libre in NY.

- This Monday, tonight, barbès 9:30pm. With special guests Shaun Irons & Lauren Petty projecting live video. And then every Monday after that (except, note, except next Monday, Jan 11th)

- Friday 01/08 as part of the HERE COMES TROUBLE showcase at 92Y Tribeca. With our good friends Slavic Soul Party, Pistolera, The Cuban Cowboys and Rana Santacruz. A truly great lineup.

- Sunday 01/11 at the Highline Ballroom. 8pm. We will be playing a half hour set.


- Chicha Libre will be going to the west coast in April and Europe this summer.

- Chicha Libre has been getting a lot of airplay this past month on mythical French radio Station FIP. That's big. In our world, that is.

- Sonido Amazonico finally came out in Argentina where it has been getting some pretty incredible reviews in all the mainstream press (Pagina /12, La Nacion, Clarin, Critica, Rolling Stone. They like us. )